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Online Depression and Anxiety Counseling with Clear Goals and Trackable Progress 

You Deserve to Know Whether Therapy is Working

Trackable Progress

Greater Confidence

6-12 Months in Therapy and It’s Hard to Know What’s Changed.

It sounds like you're engaged in murky therapy. There’s a lot of really nice therapists out there that are really easy to talk to, but if we are really honest with ourselves they don't seem to help us make progress with our mental health goals.

It's hard because they provide quality companionship, but the progress isn't there. Could you even really say what you’re working on in therapy if someone asked? Do you feel like you understand your emotions or behaviors and what to do with them any better before you started? Do you feel like your therapist is too nice to be direct with you?

You're coming in each week, spending your time and hard-earned money to address your problems, but instead you're having a nice conversation and all the problems stay the same.

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Let’s Clear the Confusion

Clear Goals

We help you clearly identify the problem(s) that are interfering with your life and create clear, specific goals with you so we know we are working on the most important things - together. We review your goals often to be sure the aim hasn't shifted. Maintaining a clear, shared understanding of where we are heading keeps your goals our top priority.

Trackable Progress

When you come to sessions that use our Clear Session Method you and the therapist will both know you’re on the same page. It can be hard to notice gradual progress and this method helps you see (based on your own self-evaluation) that progress is happening. No having to question yourself, no having to wonder if anything is happening - just pure CLARITY.

Greater Confidence

When therapy is stagnant it’s easy to wonder if therapy can work for you. Sometimes things plateau without us noticing, something has been missed, or the therapy methods aren’t working. With clear goals and trackable progress you won’t have to question whether therapy is working or if it’s worth your time and money - confidence will be at your fingertips.

We Believe Therapy
Should Actually Be Helpful

We think you deserve quality therapy and we’re sorry that it is so hard to find therapists that an both care deeply and also provide the structure and gentle accountability you need to succeed with your mental health goals. It can be really frustrating and sometimes even cause you to question whether therapy can work for you. That's a terrible way to feel!

After decades of experience and thousands of sessions we've learned what works and what doesn’t when it comes to balancing deep compassion with  structure and we think we’ve landed on the right balance.

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"My therapist is wonderful, empathetic, and extremely skilled in helping me achieve my goals for therapy. She goes above and beyond to make sure I know how to achieve my goals. "
89% of our patients report that they can clearly articulate their goals. 
“I feel understood, listen to, respected, genuine care and empathy from my therapist that I didn't feel from prior experience in therapy in my past experiences.”
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It’s two 5-minute questionnaires to get started.

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Get on the same page from the first session with guided problem identification and co-created, crystal-clear goals.

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Our Clear Sessions Method helps affirm whether your investment is worth it to you.

Ready to Change Things Up?

When you’re a busy, goal-oriented person coming to counseling for depression and anxiety, you want therapy that is online and available wherever you are, takes your insurance, and respects the precious little time you have. You want to use session time to (of course) feel deeply cared about and understood, but that alone isn't enough. It should help you to coexist with your current life while also making clear progress toward the life you want to have. Your therapist is there not just to care that you’re depressed or anxious, but to offer therapy with clear goals and gentle accountability to help evaluate progress toward addressing your depression or anxiety. You don’t need another deflating, murky therapy experience. You want to get to living your life instead of just surviving it.

We’ve heard time and again about people who were close to or had given up on the idea that therapy could work for them because their therapy has a lot of empathy but not a lot of action. Every session was what we call “journaling out loud” - where sessions consist of talking about and analyzing whatever happened in your week and that’s about it. While this can be important to the counseling process and occurs in some amount each week, this isn't the work of therapy that helps people heal.

We don’t think anyone should have to consider whether they are going to have to suffer in this way for the rest of their life. Questions like “What are we even working on in counseling?”, “Does the therapist know what they’re doing?”, or “Are my depression and anxiety even getting any better?” are questions you should not have to be asking yourself in therapy. We understand how deflating, frustrating, and hopeless that can feel - especially when you’re already depressed or anxious.

That’s why we did the research and painstakingly developed our own Clear Session Method over thousands of sessions to ensure that you confidence in knowing whether or not therapy is getting you anywhere, you can feel encouraged by the progress you do make, and you know you and your therapist are always on the same page.

To begin, all you have to do is:

  1. Complete our 5-minute online screening and one online survey (sent later)

  2. Set clear goals with your therapist through guided problem identification and co-creating crystal clear goals

  3. Beginning to track your progress through the use of our Clear Session Methods and a unique software tool.


Schedule your booking today so you can stop wasting time and money on counseling that is pleasant but frustratingly stagnant - leaving you confused about whether you’re benefiting. Start feeling your confidence in the therapy process grow because you know exactly what you’re getting for your time and money. You don’t have time to waste when it comes to living your best life!

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Are You Ready to Feel Some Clarity?

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