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Our Work Philosophy

Our mission is to reduce suffering as efficiently as possible (no. that doesn't always mean fast). We also believe that clients are not the only ones that deserve mental health. The work of being a therapist should be emotionally sustainable without needing to worry about your financial health as well. The most effective therapist is one that is present and engaged. With this in mind, we create rob roles with clear expectations, a supportive team, and training that teaches you the best practices for efficient and effective work that allow the shortest work week possible.


Yes, even though we have a lot of PTO offerings, we actually encourage you to stop working each week once your work is done and the ability to flex your schedule around as needed as long as reasonable productivity measures are met. Guilt free! We are passionate reducing the emotional suffering of others, and at the same time we all work to live rather than living to work. Time recharging prepares you to come to your clients engaged and eager to work. Come be a part of our passionate, diverse team of providers where curiosity, growth, and mutual respect are the foundations of our work culture.

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