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Your life isn’t the way you want it to be.

Every morning you’re exhausted. Pushing through that mental fog from the day before, you summon the energy and courage to get out of bed. Something has to change.

Your spouse happily whistles in the shower without a care in the world while you grow tired and hurt knowing you’ve put in everything you’ve got. It’s not fair. The never-ending whirlwind of screaming children, useless work meetings, playing chauffeur to sports schedules, and easy-fix drive-thru dinners have you taken for granted, bloated, and craving for something different.

Your hands are up; you’ve burned out.

It’s time for you to breathe again.

You’re done watching your friends and family afford the time off and summer bodies for their girls trips to Cabo. Somewhere along the line you chose to put yourself to the side to love the people in your life. But what about you?

It’s time to reclaim the woman you know you are.


We know. Making change is hard. Creating a life of thriving is difficult and seems overwhelming at times. But that’s why you’ve read this far, isn’t it? 


The Vibrant Life Coaching Program is structured to immediately help you create the space to thrive and breathe again. Through rediscovering your needs and learning to nurture yourself, you’ll be able to break free and create a life you envision.

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This is a 10-week, cohort-based program designed around building momentum and support so that the plan you develop goes far beyond the length of our program. 

During the course, you'll get live and recorded presentations, group coaching, and an individual coaching session from our talented team to learn how to: 

  • Build Emotional Bandwidth

  • Wave Goodbye to Comparison

  • Crush Distractions

  • Craft a Personal Plan

  • Recruit and Involve Your Loved Ones in Your Plan

  • Creatively Use the Resources You Already Have

You'll also get individualized exercises and feedback on your progress. We'll be there with you every step of the way - as will the cohort of women who want to go on this journey with you! 


Happy Woman


Vibrant Life Package

$65 / week

○ Vibrant Life Program & Materials

○  Vibrant Life Community

Smiling Businesswoman


Professional Package

$140 / week

○  +10 Individual Coaching Calls

○  Vibrant Life Program & Materials

○  Vibrant Life Community

Confident Woman


Resolute Package

$100 / week

○ +5 Individual Coaching Calls

○ Vibrant Life Program & Materials

○  Vibrant Life Community

NOTE: All programs require a deposit equal to the cost of one-week ($65, $100, or $140) to hold your spot in the program. The deposit is applied toward the cost of the program.

Our Guarantee

We genuinely care about every one of our clients, and to stand behind that promise, we want to offer a 30-day full money-back guarantee for anyone who feels our program isn’t getting them to their goals. If at any moment you feel this program is not connecting for you, we won't hassle, guilt, or ask you to prove anything. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is life coaching?

Coaching is a focused and engaging process created to establish lasting change and tangible outcomes. Vibrant Life assists you in this through teaching self-awareness, intentional and inspiring conversations, and guided lessons (live and recorded) that will help you develop the vision and life-changing decisions. 

Q: Can life coaching work for me?

Yes! Vibrant Life's Program is centered around empowerment and targeting goals solely for you. Within our cohort model, you will be in a community with other women with hopes, dreams, questions, and obstacles similar to yours. Coaching can be a motivator that makes lasting impacts in your life, creating room for you to change the quality of your life.

Q: How often will I meet with my coach?

This all depends on the level of engagement you choose at sign-up! Vibrant members are able to request an individual call with a dedicated coach at any time. If the package you choose includes additional calls, those will be scheduled upon your first meeting with your coach!

Q: Are Vibrant Staff licensed therapists or coaches?

Our Vibrant Life coaches are women who are licensed and have experience in both modalities: coaching and psychotherapy. These wide-reaching disciplines and training give us the ability to lead you in creating the change you want in your life.

Q: What's the difference between psychotherapy and coaching?

Coaching aims at the steps to create your future.


Therapists focus on core beliefs and past events that affect your current mindset.

Q: Is the Vibrant Life Program confidential?

100%. Within each cohort—a group of like-minded members—the information you choose to share is all up to you! Though vulnerability to a huge catalyst for growth, we never use or share your information. From individual calls to group calls and within your community posts, all of your contributions and work throughout the program are confidential, and trusted by all staff and members.

Q: Where would I meet with my coach?

The Vibrant Life Program is an entirely online format for specialized, secure, and private networking, designed for a smooth and enjoyable experience. Our goal is to make the work as easy as possible!

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