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Ok... Real Talk...

Living a meaningful life is HARD. If it were easy to have a balanced, satisfying life it would just happen. We've been pushing, striving, and trying everything to have a life that feels that way - yet we keep feeling like we're coming up empty. Sometimes we've even been successful for a time only to feel like it somehow slipped through our fingers.

You're So Close!

Maybe we even know what you want, but the question is how to get there. We understandably become interested in all the voices out there telling us they know the hack or the secret and they can share it with you. They say, "this worked for me, it will work for you!" Yet, if you're reading this, the reality is that many of those voices have probably come up short for you. Often, though well intentioned, this is because their methods or claims aren't necessarily grounded in (or are a misunderstanding of) the science of how people change their own behaviors and maintain their own motivation. It's honestly confusing and easy to do!

Let's Make That Breakthrough.

Our coaching programs are informed by an accurate understanding of the research, and are designed to help you create the life you've been wanting, but haven't been able to create. Anyone can call themselves a life coach, but at Clarity you have the confidence of knowing that your coaches are well-trained and were vetted by actual mental and behavioral health experts. Coaches are not trained/licensed therapists, they won't solve your emotional or relationship problems, they are not cheap, it will still be hard work to reach your goals, and the effects won't be immediate, but they will ask the key questions that will help you identify and achieve the life you have wanted to create for yourself.

We Can Help You with...

  • Increasing Satisfaction & Well-Being

  • Building Positive Habits

  • Reaching Academic/Career Goals

  • Decreasing Procrastination

  • Reaching Health Goals

  • Enhance Healthy Relationships

  • Getting "Unstuck"

  • Hitting the "Reset" Button on Life

Take A Step Toward Your Future!

Make contact with us today and get get unstuck!

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It's important to know that coaching and counseling are not the same thing.


Counseling specifically tries to address underlying mental health disorders and traumas that people experience. The providers must have a master's degree or a doctoral degree as well as thousands of hours of experience under the oversight of an experienced trainer before being eligible to be licensed and overseen by the state. It is s regulated industry.

Coaching, by contrast, is oriented toward asking questions that clarify and support you in achieving goals that you have for yourself regarding many different aspects of life. It is oriented toward helping you establish the habits that you believe will enhance and improve your life. Coaching is an unregulated industry with no educational requirements or mandated oversight organization. There is education available for coaching as well as certifying bodies, but there are no requirements that coaches receive either of those things.

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