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Trauma is so hard because no matter how much you know you are safe in a particular session or how much you think someone is a safe person, your emotions and body scream that you are under threat. When we're struggling we often need someone who will guide us through the process of healing. In individual counseling you are meeting with a therapist 1:1, setting goals related to relationships, behavior patterns, or specific mental health issues. Sessions are typically 53-60 minutes and typically start out once per week depending on severity and other factors.

Individual Trauma or PTSD Counseling

Individual counseling is ideal for PTSD and trauma because you can work through your trauma in a very safe and predictable environment where they are less likely to be triggered in an unplanned way. Trauma and PTSD work is challenging, but having a caring, talented therapist to guide you through it can be a critical part of your journey to healing.

Once you submit your form we give you a quote on what it will cost, use some questionnaires to better understand any therapist preferences you have as well as a baseline look at some of your symptoms. Based on that, a licensed therapist will evaluate which therapists would likely be the best fit, and then you will pick the best therapist from that shortened list. Ready to get started?

PTSD and Trauma Symptoms

PTSD and trauma have some overlap. Trauma are things that shape our lives in similar ways as PTSD, but where the experiences that created teh response do not meet criterion for PTSD. They can however, impact our life and relationships in significant ways. PTSD symptoms can include:

  • You were exposed to: death, threatened death, actual or threatened serious injury, or actual or threatened sexual violence, in the following way(s):

    • Direct exposure

    • Witnessing the trauma

    • Learning that the trauma happened to a close relative or close friend

    • Indirect exposure to aversive details of the trauma usually in the course of professional duties (e.g., first responders, medics)

  • The event is persistently re-experienced, in the following way(s):

    • Unwanted upsetting memories

    • Nightmares

    • Flashbacks

    • Emotional distress after exposure to traumatic reminders

    • Physical reactivity after exposure to traumatic reminders

  • Avoidance of trauma-related stimuli after the trauma, in the following way(s):

    • Trauma-related thoughts or feelings

    • Trauma-related reminders

  • Negative thoughts or feelings that began or worsened after the trauma, in the following way(s):

    • Inability to recall key features of the trauma

    • Overly negative thoughts and assumptions about oneself or the world

    • Exaggerated blame of self or others for causing the trauma

    • Negative affect

    • Decreased interest in activities

    • Feeling isolated

    • Difficulty experiencing positive affect

  • Trauma-related arousal and reactivity that began or worsened after the trauma, in the following way(s):

    • Irritability or aggression

    • Risky or destructive behavior

    • Hypervigilance

    • Heightened startle reaction

    • Difficulty concentrating

    • Difficulty sleeping

Trackable Progress

You won't have to ask yourself is counseling is doing anything. You and your therapist will know without a doubt whether the counseling is leading to any results. Using our software you'll be able to check  your symptom levels, your goals, your progress on them, and the outside of session focus for the week.

In addition, we'll be adding to our content library so that you can empower yourself through reading, watching, or listening to reliable information about mental health and the ways in which counseling works to actually change your life. That information further empowers you to dialogue with your therapist and be clear with them about what you want and where you want to go as you discover it where your journey with depression, anxiety, trauma, or other issues takes you.

Are You Ready to Feel Some Clarity?

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