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Teen Counseling

Getting through adolescence can be brutal. Especially if there is someone about us just that doesn't conform to what our peers or parents want us to do. Sometimes we just need a guide who is unbias and on our side to help us figure out how to get unstuck. In individual online counseling you are meeting with a therapist 1:1 over computer or a mobile device, setting goals related to relationships, behavior patterns, or specific mental health issues. Sessions are typically 53-60 minutes and typically start out once per week depending on severity and other factors.

Therapists for Teens with Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, or Other Issues

Individual counseling is great for when you don't feel like you have a safe space to figure out some of the problems you're having or you find it too difficult to share with the people you love. No matter what you want to share we'll be on your side, help you not feel embarrassed or judged, and support you in making and implementing a plan to try and help things get better. It's hard, but hard work often pays off. We're on your side.

Once you submit your form we give you a quote on what it will cost, use some questionnaires to better understand any therapist preferences you have as well as a baseline look at some of your symptoms. Based on that, a licensed therapist will evaluate which therapists would likely be the best fit, and then you will pick the best therapist from that shortened list. Ready to get started?

The Clarity Method

While a lot of therapists are skilled at listening and caring, not all are prepared to guide you on your journey to mental health. Being listened to is critical and so is having someone help you keep an eye on your purpose for going to counseling. As a result, many people experience plateauing in therapy or feel like it isn't really going anywhere.

Our staff utilize The Clarity Method, as well as various other techniques to help make sure that therapy stays on track based on your own feedback and goals. Whether you're dealing with depression, anxiety, trauma, or other issues it is flexible enough to also track any subtle changes in goals that naturally occur as we increase in self-insight. This means that you are your therapist are in lockstep throughout your counseling journey toward mental health.

Trackable Progress

You won't have to ask yourself is counseling is doing anything. You and your therapist will know without a doubt whether the counseling is leading to any results. Using our software you'll be able to check  your symptom levels, your goals, your progress on them, and the outside of session focus for the week.

In addition, we'll be adding to our content library so that you can empower yourself through reading, watching, or listening to reliable information about mental health and the ways in which counseling works to actually change your life. That information further empowers you to dialogue with your therapist and be clear with them about what you want and where you want to go as you discover it where your journey with depression, anxiety, trauma, or other issues takes you.

Are You Ready to Feel Some Clarity?

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